Visual Birth Plan

Where Icons Speak Louder Than Words

The secret to a joyful birth experience? Add a visual birth plan to your birth prep! By creating a clear and simple list of your birth preferences, you're more likely to stay calm, even if unexpected events occur.

  • The plan fits on a single page. It holds all your important information and your top preferences.
  • Birth attendants can familiarize themselvs with your preferences in less than one minute.
  • The header is packed with key information, including your due date and the name of your partner or your doula.
  • Set the tone with you subtitle. Use it to convey important information and goals, like RH- blood type, VBAC or water birth.
  • Effectivaly communicate your top preferences. Big icons paired with large text, make the plan easy to scan and understand.
  • Stick with a plan even when circumstances change - use the side panel and bottom panel (4) to share additional personal information, or choose from the preset options: 6 helpful questions to ask in canse of problems OR the emergency situation note.
  • Make your newborn care preferences known, with the alternative bottom pannel design.


[1A] ➭ Title and important information (ex. term date, VBAC, GBS+)

[1B] ➭ Names and roles of important people + optional photos.

[2ABC] ➭ Your core preferences and wishes for the three stages of birth (Max. 5 per stage.)

[3] ➭ A note about emergency situations - OR - 6 helpful questions, to be answered, in case of problems.

[4] ➭ Your newborn care preferences - OR - 6 helpful questions, to be answered, in case of problems.

Both, the side [3] and bottom [4] panels can be also used for a personal note or comment, describing additional preferences for labour and your time in the hospital.

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