Visual Birth Plan

Where Icons Speak Louder Than Words

A secret to a joyful birth experience? Add a visual birth plan to your birth prep! By creating a clear and simple list of your birth preferences, you're more likely to stay calm, even if unexpected events occur.


The Online Creator makes it quick and easy to fill your visual birth plan with relevant information. Once you're happy with the design you simply print it on your printer.

And if you change your mind?

No problem. You can open a saved design and edit it to your heart's content.

Visual Birth Plan Features

  • The plan fits on a single page. It holds all your important information and your top preferences.
  • The header is packed with key information, including your due date and the name of your partner or doula.
  • Set the tone with you subtitle. Use it to convey important information and goals, like RH- blood type, VBAC or water birth.
  • Effectivaly communicate your top preferences. Big icons paired with large text, make the plan easy to scan and understand.
  • Birth attendants can familiarize themselvs with your preferences in less than one minute.
  • Stick with a plan even when circumstances change - use the side and bottom panel to share additional personal information, or choose from the preset options: 6 helpful questions to ask in canse of problems OR the emergency situation note.
  • Make your newborn care preferences known, with the compact bottom pannel.

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